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TCP Ventures

An advisory company for the national nonprofit movement, The Confess Project of America.

Bringing a Close to the Mental Health Workforce Gap

by Training up Everyday People to Make a Difference. Impact Lives with Our Life Changing Training Backed by Harvard University

Over the last seven years, we have reached 3 million people across 52 cities and 30 states with one of America's first mental health awareness movements, training barbers and stylists to be mental health advocates. And guess what? We're looking to reach 120 million people now across the globe with mental health awareness, support, and advocacy training. 

TCP Ventures Community Mental Health Advocate Training

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TCP Ventures

About Our Trainings

With our science-backed by Harvard University, we have seen that everyday people can be a part of this conversation and have proven it true in the communities we serve. Numbers don't lie; they tell a story. Join us on this ride as we go out and help more people commit to themselves, have a better life, help save lives, and give hope.

TCP Ventures Community Mental Health Advocate Training
TCP Ventures Community Mental Health Advocate Training

Become a Gatekeeper in Your Community

We don't want any young people or adults to not feel seen and heard and we're looking to partner with you.





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Mental Health Professionals






Law Enforcement


Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with TCP Ventures. Real stories, real feedback—explore the testimonials below to see why we're trusted by so many.

Come Along and Buckle Up!

Our advisory company, TCP Ventures is helping to scale community trainer and trainer certifications, to reach 120 million people.

At the age of 10, our founder, Lorenzo P. Lewis, went to a behavioral health facility. It changed his life and shaped him into who he is today. Do you want to prevent young people and adults from not feeling seen and heard? This is what we're looking to do, but we need your help.

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