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Gain Digital World Promotional Design Experience

Are you an individual interested in building real-world tech, promotional design, and digital marketing experience? We’re a forward-thinking promotional website design agency looking for passionate, creative, and insightful individuals with high work ethic and an excellent eye for detail!

Design New Worlds and Bring Visions To Life


"We Provide Promotional Design Playgrounds for Passionate Individuals with High Work Ethic"


Online services are in high demand, but there is a shortage of individuals equipped with the proper skills.

The goal of this internship is for is to decrease our overall turnaround time for design projects, complete small tasks, research, learn our company processes, and share feedback. In return, you'll be exposed to the following: promotional design and tech skills, online tools and processes that every business and agency needs, extensive training, beneficial content, and many other online capabilities. This internship will help pre-qualify you for possible recruitment with PC Media Techs and other opportunities.

Here at PC Media Techs, we work with entities and organizations that need help creating, establishing, or managing their brand online. This requires a specific set of promotional design and tech capabilities as well as digital marketing expertise.


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Graphic Design Intern

Work with the design team and account representatives to successfully complete design projects.


Operations Assistant

Coming soon

Account Represenative

Coming soon

Marketing Director

Coming soon

Website Designer

Coming soon

Quality Control Tech

Coming soon


This is a 3 month internship with strong recruitment possibilities. This opportunity will give you the ability to see what it's like working with PC Media Techs in the desired role while improving your skillset and professional practices.


You will be redirected to schedule your virtual interview after completing the application below.

The following is required for all intern positions.

Internship Requirements

  • Must have access to a dependable desktop or laptop computer with a stable internet connection

  • Must have basic computer skills

  • Must be willing to learn and work at a 110% level of quality

  • Must have above-average verbal and written communication skills

  • Must be passionate about promotional, online business, graphic design, and /or tech

  • Must be eager to learn

  • Must be present for a weekly team meeting

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Master the skills needed to help organizations and companies across the world wide web manage their businesses online so they can continue to grow and reach their goals as you reach yours. 

You will be redirected to schedule your internship overview after completing the application below

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Gain the Experience You Need to Grow


Be free! Use your creativity while working on professional projects. You can expect to gain hands-on experience no matter your location. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection to get started!


Become an expert with our support, training AND coaching. Come intern for one of the industries leading graphic design agencies at ProFRESHional Creations, where we serve the best solutions! Learn from working on projects for successful digital business owners across the globe.


There is a high demand for online services. Our company is in need of pre-qualified individuals as we grow our team. The skills that you'll learn will help you gain experience and pre-qualify yourself for possible recruitment by preparing you to operate in your area of expertise and own your craft like a boss!

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